5 nov. 2014

La Profecía - step by step


In this entry I want to talk about one of the last book covers I've done and explain a bit its process and, with it, to show you how I usually work. This cover is for the second edition of "La Profecía" (The Prophecy), a Fantasy book written by Laura Morales

Laura contacted to me because she was thinking about to relaunch another edition of her first book, and wanted me to do a complete facelift.
The cover of the first edition was done by the amazing artist, Bea Gonzalez, in 2011. 

So, after a long message exchange and talk about her idea, I proceeded to elaborate a sketch. Really roughly, I know xD. As I work with photomanipulation and I depend a bit on the stock found (or I make by myself) I do this kind of sketches just to show the composition to the client, leaving the idea a bit opened to improvisation, something really needed sometimes.
In this sketch you can see the main character, Gabrielle, wearing a cloak and a sword, looking to the left. The background idea was a forest. Also I worked on the position of the titles and typefaces.

Laura liked it, so I stepped forward. For the face of Gabrielle I chose a photo of NikxStock. I've used this photo previously in another cover, but I though it could fit perfectly also in this one giving some touches to adapt to Gabrielle's face.

For the hair... well, from here and there... 

And don't forget the necklace, what is an important point on Gabrielle's design.

Once the character was partially builded I sent the preview to the author to get her agreement or to know if something should be changed. 

She agreed (and fell in love with xD), so I kept working on to integrate the different elements, giving life to that hair with the curls from the blonde girl's photography, and painting a little with a dotted brush. And, of course, adding an arm and a sword. 

With the character completely finished and, once again, with Laura's agreement, was the turn for the background. For this, I remembered the photos I took some months ago in La Fageda d'en Jordà, a wonderful beech forest we have near Olot, in Catalonia. The photo wasn't so good, but I thought that with some adjustments for sure would fit.

And yes, it did! Some falling leaves were added, and I also painted some lights to give the particular atmosphere that characterizes my work. And the illustration is finished!

  A detail of Gabrielle's face. She has the eyes in emerald color.

At this point, the only thing that left to do was to work on the final mockup, adding the textes on the backcover, on the spine and a little phrase on the cover... And voilà, this is the final result! :D

I enjoyed a lot working on this cover in particular, and I hope to have been able to convey that feeling to you :).

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